The Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), Muhammad Ismail Yusanto, believes that the House of Representatives has become a legitimate tool of foreign intervention with the release of the legislation which is harmful  unfavorable to the people.

“Parliament has enacted law on electricity which is clearly detrimental to the people interest,” said Ismail after the event of “End of Year Reflection 2010” held by HTI, in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Not only that, foreign intervention particularly that of the United States against Indonesia is also revealed in the Wikileaks site. In fact, the grip of  U.S. on Indonesian will become stronger after the agreement of Comprehensive Partnership between Indonesia and the U.S.  was reached.

Other problems that occurred in 2010, he said, were the case of IPO of Krakatau Steel and the Century Bank scandals that indicated a “state corruption” through the changes of policies and regulations.

“All efforts to combat corruption are meaningless, if those who are involved are the state officials. Corruption in Indonesia shows a more systemic tendency, it is not simply done by one or two people but by a lot of people together, such as the case of Gayus Tambunan, ” Ismail said.

He also said that the state corruption is also indicated by the increasing number of liberal economic policies made by governments, among others, the increase in electricity price and the subsidy restrictions on fuel.

According to him, fuel restriction plan is the government’s efforts to complete the liberalization of oil and gas sector, as outlined by the IMF.

“This policy will make foreign companies free to dominate from the upper course to the lower course of the business of foreign gas stations which will rake in huge profits,” he said.

Not only that, liberalization also influences the political world, in which the Parliament which is supposed to be the representative of the people, now becomes a tool of legitimacy of foreign intervention.

The issue of terrorism and the conflicts of the ummah and  the cults continued to occur in 2010.

To solve these problems, Ismail continued, the government should abandon the capitalist system and the secular and return to the Islamic Law.
“The system of democracy that exists today turns out to harm people. Indonesia must return to the Islamic law and seek a trustworthy leader, “said Ismail. (ANTARA, 21/12/2010)